Large scale change is transforming the world . Many of the beliefs that institutions that used to anchor international and domestic affairs have grown weak . Political and domestic tidal waves have crashed in many parts of world . We live in technology era where new development take place seemingly on regular basis . I would like to discuss surprising shifts in technology , society , politics and economics . Among the recent incidents include the fall of USSR , the great financial recession 2008 , the rise of ISIS , role of solar world power U.S to convert Middle East into battle field by toppling secular rulers and on going conflict in Iraq and Syria where Russia has badly involved itself in this game . Trumpism , Brexit ,decrease in oil prices and financial and employment issue in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States , emerging new economies and migrant shift to Europe .
In looking to the future , there are five mega changes with potential to transform society and politics . The transformation of ideology is common phenomena and denying it reality have been observed in many intellectuals in Pakistan who after disintegration of Soviet Union said good bye to communism . They denied basic Marxist theory and chose technology , science and inventions as game changer for lives and production and extending comforts . Alternate to human Labour has been introduced as robots which are taking jobs as artificial intelligence in high skilled industries in world raising existential question for humanity . Social democracy is being replaced with neoliberal agenda of market economy where governments are shedding social welfare agenda . In Pakistan we see politics without ideological agenda and road map for development of human capital by extending facilities in education and health . School are privatised and education has been made costly for the poor .
In Pakistan as such induction of robot is not enforce as such no danger for human Labour but number of jobs have been reduced due to new technology automation machinery . The information technology and computer use in banking sector and industry have also decreased employments . Technology is already substituting for Labour and emerging dramatic consequences for middle class . Technological progress is going to leave behind some people , perhaps even a lot of people , as it races ahead . In Pakistan our technical education curriculum is quite obsolete and skills so got cannot create and capture value in global market . Failure to meet technology skills , the traditional Labour may lose jobs and could form the basis for social or political unrest .
Not all these threats are political or environmental in nature . Some raise existential questions for human beings themselves . With recent advances in space exploration and scientific knowledge , there is growing belief among astrophysicist , astronomers and biologists that microbial life is not limited to planet Earth ,and that some forms of life are abundant around the universe . Outside of our solar system , water , heat and organic chemicals are plentiful . ” Astronomers see the signs of water in gains molecular clouds between stars and clouds , in disks of material that represent newborn planetary system and in the atmosphere of giant planets orbiting other stars ” according to NASA scientists . Its components hydrogen and oxygen are available in so many kinds around galaxy . Moreover global warming is reality and will lead more frequent to more frequent and severe storms , alternation in climate patterns across much of globe , higher ocean levels as result of warming water and melting ice sheets . Sea level will rise and can rise above current level to four feet by 2100 . There likely would be serious consequences for international politics from climate changes . In case of Pakistan and India stopping of rivers water flow may arise major dispute and war . Economic deprivation and social unrest often lead to war , refugees and social conflicts .
The concerns about terrorism and refugee migration in past in Pakistan and recent inEurope have shifted the political environment . Admits these developments , there are signs of intolerance and anti democratic moves in places and have functioning democracies . Turkey has faced internal coup against its democratic system after its failure PM has boosted authority over government and weaken civic institutions . The attitude of American presidential candidate Trump is not favourable for Muslims and may create disorder if comes in power . Iran after developing as nuclear power would shift the balance of power in Middle East with broad global implications and immediate response will come for Israel . A related threat may be from ISIS which can get nuclear weapon from any country which will be great threat for entire world . Most of developing countries are not holding capacity to meet with social changes . Figuring out how to deal with massive change is one of the biggest issues that human face . The possibilities of local and regional disputes escalating globally is quite substantial and makes its imperative for leaders to improve problem -solving and conflict resolution .

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